Specialized Courses
per customer request

Film Interpretation course:  24 hrs

Introduction to NDT:  40 hrs

Radiation Safety:  40 hrs 

Phased Array:  40 hrs

Computed Radiography:  20 hrs

OSHA Safety:  10 hrs

NDT of Materials, Components and Manufacturing Processes

Course Description:

This is a 5 day introductory course designed for engineers, managers, technicians and other personnel who require a comprehensive introduction to the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) of metals, ceramics, polymers and composite materials. Common defects found in components made from these material systems will be examined with emphasis on selecting the most suitable NDT method for identifying these defects. The course will also include an introduction to commonly used manufacturing processes and defects. Selection criterion in choosing the most appropriate NDT method for identifying the defects will be presented.  Practical demonstrations will supplement the class room presentation to enable the attendees to fully comprehend the manufacturing defects and appropriate NDT methods.

Metallurgy for NDT Personnel

The Metallurgy for NDT Personnel course is designed to enable participants to know more about metals and processes used in their workplace. This course is suitable for anyone who needs to know  about metals and alloys.  Typically the course lasts three days. 
The course will provide the basic principles involving: the differences between ferrous and nonferrous metals, the ways in which metal alloys are structured, how the microstructure affects their performance, how mechanical properties of metals are measured, and what influences these properties; what are steels and cast irons and what processing and chemical parameters influence their performance; fundamental of metal processing and basic principles of heat treatment will also be covered; and how the environment affects the performance and durability of metals will also be discussed. 
Benefits to the participants include: 
Understanding the basics of production, processing and testing of metals and alloys
Gain the ability to communicate more effectively about metals and alloys being used in the work place
Appreciate the differences in metals and alloys, difference in properties of metal products produced by different manufacturing processes