Level I:  40 hours

A.  Basic Ultrasonic Course
  • Introduction
  • Basic principles of acoustics
  • Equipment
  • Basic testing methods

B.  Ultrasonic Technique Course
  • Testing methods
  • Calibration
  • Straight beam examinations
  • Angle beam examinations

Level II:  40 hours

Ultrasonic Evaluation Course
  • Review of ultrasonic techniques
  • Evaluation of base-material product forms
  • Evaluation of weldments
  • Evaluation of bonded structures
  • Discontinuity detection
  • Evaluation


Ultrasonic Thickness 
  • (A Scan):  24 hours
  • Digital:  8 hours

Phased Array:  80 hours (must have Level II Ultrasonic certification)

  • Course Objective
  • History of Ultrasonics
  • Basic Principles of UT
  • Formulas related to Ultrasonics
  • History of Phased Array
  • Capabilities and Limitations of Phased Array
  • Phased Array Terminology & Description
  • Phased Array Equipment : Phased Array Unit, Probes, Calibration/Reference Standards
  • Basic Digitization
  • Focal Law Generation
  • Beam Steering
  • Beam Focusing
  • Scanning Options
  • Data Presentations
  • Standards related to Phased Array (ASTM)
  • Specific Phased Array Applications:  Aerospace, Manufacturing, Welding, etc.
  • Lab exercises:  Unit familiarization, set-up, calibrations, sample scans

Additional topics may be covered as required to suit the applications of the client, or class. 

Please be advised that previous certifications (or qualification equivalent) in conventional UT is preferred prior to this class.