BRL Consultants, Inc.

Industry leading nondestructive testing provider for training, consulting, inspection, and Level 3 services.

For over 30 years, BRL Consultants, Inc. has provided nondestructive testing services, consulting, and training to major companies in the aviation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and railroad industries.

We provide a high-quality training program for our students to prepare them to handle any inspection and to meet and exceed industry standards for their employers. We have a variety of classroom options including at our facility in San Antonio, Texas, on-site with our clients, and now remote virtual training. We also provide Level II and III NDT consulting support for clients needing help developing and fine-tuning their inspection programs.

In 2018, BRL Consultants was purchased by the Richter family, a husband and wife team, whose goal is to continue to provide the same excellent service our customers have come to expect with a focus on innovative strategies and updated technology to help our clients reach all their program goals and exceed quality standards. We look forward to helping you take your nondestructive testing program to the next level.

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